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Transport someone special to the South of France with our treasures and treats from Provence. Our chic gift boxes arrive at their door beautifully wrapped, with your personalised message; a unique and thoughtful gift they will adore.

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Katie Hemmings, The Hague, Netherlands - Build Your Own Box, 9/10/20
I ordered a box for my friend who had just given birth as I wanted to pamper her. First of all it was very easy to do the ordering and took no time to sort. My friend received the box a few days later and sent me a photo. She was delighted with the presentation and products. it looked beautifully packaged and the gifts seemed very luxurious. I will definitely use this site again to order products and to treat people.
Peter Andrease, London, UK - Build Your Own Box, 2/10/20
Very impressed with the box! I got this as a present for my wife on our anniversary and she couldn’t have been happier. The presentation of the box was spot on and the quality of the items was really impressive, would definitely recommend – makes a great gift idea.
Lizzy Parks, Cannes, France - Fabriquez Votre Propre Coffret Cadeau, 4/9/20
J’ai reçu un coffret cadeau pour mes 40 ans et j’ai adoré l’emballage sublime et le fait de découvrir les marques de beauté de la région. Je n’avais jamais testé les produits de chez « Rose et Marius » auparavant et le savon Vin Rosé a un parfum divin !!!
Serena Di Iorio, Grasse, France - Fabriquez Votre Propre Coffret Cadeau, 15/9/20
J’ai acheté 2 coffrets cadeaux et j’étais enchantée de la présentation et le ruban fuchsia, ainsi que le contenu. En particulier, le savon à la lavande « Rose et Marius » qui est fabuleux et qui a une boîte de présentation incroyable. Elle a un aspect très luxueux. La crème des mains à la Fleur d'Oranger est également divine. Je recommande vivement ces coffrets à ceux qui souhaitent apporter un peu de soleil Provençal dans la vie de leurs êtres chers.
Serena Di Iorio, Grasse, France - Build Your Own Box, 15/9/20
I bought 2 gift boxes and was delighted with the presentation and fuschia ribbon, as well as the contents. In particular, the Rose et Marius Lavendar Soap which is stunning and comes in a gorgeous box. It’s really luxurious-looking. The Fleur d'Oranger hand cream is also divine. I would highly recommend these boxes to those looking to bring some Provencal sunshine into the lives of loved ones.
Lizzy Parks, Cannes, France - Build Your Own Box, 4/9/20
I received a gift box for my 40th birthday and absolutely loved the gorgeous packaging and discovering the natural beauty brands from the region. I hadn’t tried Rose et Marius before, the Vin Rosé soap smells absolutely divine!!!!

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