About us

Une Pinceé de Provence illustration of a door

The lure of Provence’s sapphire sky, azure sea and rolling hills proved impossible to resist for my husband and I and our young son, so in May 2015, we packed up our London lives and embarked upon a life-changing move to this beautiful region in the south of France.

At Une Pincée de Provence, we share a passion for Provence’s delicious artisan produce, cultural traditions and love of a great party or event. We offer your guests, clients and customers tailored miniatures of some of Provence’s most popular products, created by warm, enthusiastic artisans who are passionate about the quality and heritage of their products.

All our gifts have been carefully curated to ensure that they are not ‘just another free gift’, but add a Provençal experience for your guests at the table. Celebrate the apéro hour with a pre-dinner Pastis Bleu, create a Kir-Royale at the tables with our Sirop de Coquelicot or add an extra touch of gourmandise to desserts with our chocolate spreads and honeys.

Each product can be completely tailored to suit your event with personalised labelling or accessories, ensuring that they perfectly compliment your theme or colour scheme. Our service is both professional and reliable giving you complete confidence that your wedding or event will be given an elegant finishing touch with our beautiful bottles and jars.